Recruiting tips

Finding a job with Holman

Have you found the Holman company to be of interest to you as a potential employer? Do our ties to the automotive industry, our family values and principles, or our reputation as a great place to work align with your employment priorities? If so, you’re in good company!

Finding a job and applying online with Holman is easy. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already found our Careers website. If you haven’t had a chance to look around yet, here’s more of what you’ll find:
  • Job postings that detail what each role entails, the skills and level of work experience required, the salary, and information regarding overtime opportunities and other compensation.
  • Positions associated with employee referral programs or relocation assistance.
  • Work-from-home or a hybrid work-from-home/in-office arrangements.

In addition to job postings, you’ll find more informative blogs like this one, details on recruiting events, plus links to our social media accounts. 
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You can also sign up to become part of our Talent Community. You can select your job requirements and skills to receive alerts when new jobs are posted that match your abilities and are of interest to you.

Applying online

If you want to apply for a posted job, the Holman careers website makes it easy. You will create a profile using Workday to submit your application. After you apply online, a recruiter will review your application and be in touch with next steps. From that point, you can view the status of your application anytime through Workday.

Preparing for an interview

You got called in for an interview? That’s great news! 

Your interview will take place with a hiring manager, either virtually or in person at one of our locations

Don’t sweat it! You can prepare for your interview by reviewing the job posting and learning more about Holman by visiting our websites and social media accounts.

Good luck! We’re really looking forward to meeting with you!