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Health & Safety

A new work environment that still prioritizes Holman values
and culture

The Holman Values guide us to love and respect our customers and every employee. Evidence of that was seen when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. It was our first instinct to protect everyone as best we could with policies and practices that were relevant to each of our unique business environments and the needs of the people within them.

At a high level, here are the actions we took:
  • Swiftly and effectively transitioned nearly all office-based employees to work-from-home setups.
  • Equipped all in-person work environments (retail, service, manufacturing, etc.) with appropriate PPE and other health safeguards.
  • Published Holman Health & Safety Guidelines for employees’ continuous access to the latest requirements for onsite policies and practices at each Holman location. Continuous reminders have been communicated to employees regarding social distancing, hand washing, and face coverings relative to vaccine status and any regionalized changes to the guidelines.

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Today, the Holman Business Recovery team continues to work diligently:

  • Monitoring COVID-19 cases and exposure among employees. 
  • Conducting contact tracing and notifying affected individuals.
  • Working with cleaning staffs to communicate ancillary sanitization needs (on top of daily protocols).
Concurrently, a Holman New Work Environment team was organized. Their focus has been to examine the new ways we’ve found office-based employees can work effectively and efficiently outside of the structure they had been accustomed to. This has resulted in the establishment of a new operating vision that combines external research with employee input to ensure the continued success of the business. For example, in a survey of employees working remotely, 84 percent said they’d prefer to work in a facility two days a week or less.

To embrace the flexibility and work/life balance employees have come to appreciate while still providing important opportunities for them to connect with their peers in person, a future Holman hybrid office environment is in the works. It will be restructured around shared spaces to foster connections and learning. In the future Holman office, collaboration will be a key element to strengthening the Holman core and positioning the company for the future.

In an internal vlog this past April, Chair Mindy Holman and President and COO Chris Conroy conveyed to employees how the transition to work-from-home has given them a new perspective on the Holman culture.

Chris said, “Although we thrive on togetherness and sense of family, we’ve learned that our culture doesn’t just flourish in our hallways. It’s rooted in our hearts and souls, and it can thrive in a virtual environment too, with the appropriate balance.”

​​​​​​​Spring of 2022 is currently the target for re-opening the doors to the Holman office-based employees who continue to operate from home. Watch for more updates to come.